Reship connects you with your favorite brands

Reship Connects you with the world

Reship connects with the world

Shop in Canada, UK and USA 

Ship to any part of the world!

What is reship service?

Reship is a global shopping and shipping platform that connects customers around the world with their favorite brands in Canada, UK and USA. 

Reship acts as an intermediary that provides customers with a local address in the shipping origin country to which goods can be sent.

How It works?

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Shopping from anywhere

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Shop anywhere in the US, Canada or UK and ship to your virtual address. Feel the freedom of shipping without restriction.

Once it arrives, you're in control. Choose from our services and shipping options.

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Reship Offers Shipping Rates as Low as $20


  • Reship reduces shipping cost by combining multiple smaller packages into one larger package. Reship can leverage bulk shipping rates, which are significantly lower.

Strategic partnerships

  • The Reship customers enjoys discounted rates as Reship has established partnerships with major shipping carriers. Reship can negotiate shipping rates lower than what an individual or small business might be able to secure.

Customizable Shipping Options:

  • Reship provides customers with various shipping options, including different carriers, service levels, and price points. This flexibility allows users to choose the most cost-effective shipping method based on their needs.

Avoiding International Shipping Directly:

  • By shipping to a local address first, Reship customers enjoy the benefit of avoiding higher costs associated with direct international shipping from retailers. This is very beneficial for items with varied dimensions that would otherwise cost a forture to ship internationally.

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